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The School of Magic will take children on an enchanting journey into the wonderful world of wizardry (children will need to own a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). The pack synchronises perfectly with the story, with themed activities to complete after reading each chapter. Children will be led through the extraordinary tale as if they were the main character. 

Aspiring wizards can practise using Galleons and Sickles, send notes by owl, explore probability with every-flavour beans, transform words with transfiguration and even fly around the world! They can cast spells of invisibility, study potions, reveal secret messages, make regular entries in their journal and learn how to care for their owl. They can delight in magic trickery, create a cosmic calming jar, draw dragons, complete their year book and go on a mystical journey like no other. 

The School of Magic is suitable for children who are mature enough for the content of the book (suggested age 7+). There are extensive task by task guidance notes for parents, which include how to support your child and materials to do so, as well as ideas to extend the activities. Children also have the opportunity to delve deeper into topics with self-led projects which cover reflection and refraction, Snowy owls, flying and aerodynamics and acids and alkaline. 

When you purchase this pack, not only do you get a wonderful learning experience for your child but you also get an extensive support document for yourself. 

The adult notes walk you through the pack a chapter at a time, listing what skills the activities cover (theres so much ‘hidden’ learning in our fun tasks!), what equipment you need, suggestions of how to support your child if they need help and ways to extend the task if your child can cope with more of a challenge. 

It also includes extra pages to support them with the mechanics of the activities. We’ve separated the adult/support section from the pack entirely so that the children get a more enchanting experience. You can produce the extra bits as needed as if by magic. 

This is our most comprehensive resource to date and we are very excited about it! Whether youre reading the book for the first time or are already an avid fan, The School of Magic will add a whole new dimension to the adventure and is an experience not to be missed! 

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